The Community Council of Vyzakia has set the goal of turning the village into a humanitarian community that provides its inhabitants with all modern comforts. Within this frame, and so as to achieve this goal, it has already accomplished many infrastructure and embellishment projects that have improved the face of Vyzakia.

Some of the completed projects are:

Since 2002 the following projects have been completed for the development of our community. Rural roadways have been constructed within the Vyzakia district. Narrow alleys have been expanded; anti-flood measures have been taken where needed. What is more, numerous embellishment projects have taken place, such as wall linings with traditional stone and development of parks.

Additionally, the Community Council has its own building since 2002. The residence of the Hadjipolycarpou family was donated to the community council and was renovated and converted into a community building. The Vyzakia Co-op and the Culture Association will be parts of the building by the end of 2006.

  1. Embellishment of the Saint Aikaterini church parvis
    All necessary actions are taken to ensure the embellishment of the church’s surroundings. A hall, a park and a parking place will be constructed in the area under discussion.

  2. Community Park
    The creation and afforestation of the park is under construction. The park will include a playground, toilettes, a kiosk and a picnic space. The area will be enclosed with local stones from the river that runs through the community.

  3. Water Supply System
    New water supply system for our community from two different bores for water.

  4. Electricity Supply for the whole of the residential zone.

  1. Planning the conservation and renovation of the old watermill and olive mill that are located near the river bank, which is also in need of recreation.

  2. Construction of the Village Square
    The village square is planned just right across the community council offices. It will be constructed with traditional stone and it will provide a parking place, a small park etc. This space will be built in the loving memory of the 121 victims of the airplane crash that took place in Grammatikos in August 2005.

  3. Police Station.

  4. District Primary School

  5. Paving streets within the village with slabs.

  6. Heroes monument dedicated to the officers and privates of the 281st I.B. who gave their lives for their country in 1974.