Dear Friends,

I would like to salute the Community Council’s initiative in proceeding with the creation of the community’s official web-page in the Internet.

Our goal is the presentation of the facts and testimonies that were lost in time because of our indifference regarding yesterday, our preoccupation with tomorrow, and the problems of modern society. We have an obligation to know this cultural heritage, preserving and protecting it like the apple of our eye.

In the context of this goal, we have tried to help our youths to get acquainted with their cultural tradition, the historic testimonies of which are lost in the depths of time.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all those that helped in the creation of this web-page and especially Mr. Stavros Stavrou, President of the Emigrants Association, for his assistance.

Best Regards

Eleni S. Neoptomemou
President of the Community Council
of Byzakia